To our Homeowners, Members, and Guests;

We have officially embarked on 2017. I remember my English teachers told me to not use cliché’s while composing, but I can’t help thinking, “time flies when you’re having fun!” It seems like just yesterday when the groundbreaking took place at Sun Ridge’s newest pool, which will have its 4th year in operation this year. At that time my daughters were in high school with Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen” on repeat and now we seem to be listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “The Glory Days” as we write tuition checks for a couple as they pursue their dreams in college.  Holy cow, looks like I am working for some time to come! I hope Michelle Freeman doesn’t mind, and I certainly hope you guys don’t mind. You see, I love this place we call Bayside, and its growth over the past several years has been nothing short of fantastic. 2016 was another banner year, and 2017 promises to bring even more awesome developments.  Please take the time to review Bayside’s “what’s in” and “what’s to come” lists below!  I hope you enjoy!

“What’s In” 2016:

  • Stop by our beautiful new Welcome Center and say hello to Jeff, Maria, Erika, Kellie, Lindsay and Jen. The Welcome Center houses our membership coordinator’s office, HOA, Bayside Institute office, and the marketing and development team. If you have any community questions or want to check out our interactive Bayside table map, the Welcome Center is the place!
  • Bayside’s Mail Center, next to the Welcome Center, is a beautiful new addition that provides access to your mailboxes. Stop by the mail center to pick up your mail and maybe meet a new neighbor along the way!
  • The Health and Aquatic Club has started in construction this year! It’s been three years in design and our collaborative team has been excited to see Bayside’s newest addition come to life!
  • Bayside Institute’s growth has multiplied rapidly thanks to its Coordinator, Jennifer Idzi! The classes registered 900 students in 2015 and grew to 1200 students in 2016. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!
  • Now is the last chance to build an NV home in The Shoals at Bayside! NV’s 97 homes are a wonderful enhancement to our picturesque community. Thank you to the wonderful team at NV for bringing new neighbors and creating lasting memories for our Bayside families!
  • Schell homes continue to develop towards The Point! The addition of Coastal Crossing, Sea Grass bend and Magnolia Crossing bring stunning views to our newest homeowners! Thank you Schell!
  • 2016 brought an impressive number of 95 new homes to Bayside! Our 1,000 acre community currently has 930 homes, with more stellar additions on the way!
  • The Bayside App continues to grow with more users and subscribers every day. The app is a helpful tool to view fitness classes at Sun Ridge, check out the latest specials at The Cove, provide weather updates at The Point and so much more!
  • With all of the buzz around Bayside, we were honored to receive a stellar number of awards in 2016! GALA (Great American Living Awards) presented us with the most Innovative Land Planning award as well as best Social Media! We have our community to thank for voting us Coastal Style’s Best Golf Course, Best Residential Community, and Best Golf Professional.

These are just some of the highlights of 2016. Truly, a landmark year for Bayside! Our team is dedicated to helping the community grow and we have learned it’s not a sprint, but a marathon! There goes another cliché…

What’s to Come in 2017:

  • We can’t be more excited about The Health and Aquatic Club which will be completed in fall 2017. It’s been three years in design and our collaborative team has been excited to see Bayside’s newest amenity come to life! Come out to the Welcome Center to see the newest rendering on Saturday, February 18th from 2pm until 4pm. Food and drink from the Cove will be served along with nice giveaways!
  • The Point continues to bring the utmost in relaxation and stunning views. A new pool is currently being designed for our members, as well as an addition of a new Point Bar that will serve refreshing drinks to go along with your peaceful happy hour. We are breaking ground for these exciting new additions in 2017!
  • We are currently in the design stages of a new Bayside clubhouse. We hope to break ground on site work at the end of 2017. Look for a construction start late next year!
  • Exciting news with a new neighborhood coming to Bayside. Look to the right of the pond on West Sand Cove and envision new Bayside homes.
  • Look for improved updates and renovations to The Cove. Our team will continue to bring you the best in service! First class entertainment and weekly specials never disappoint, and as the spring weather blooms, don’t forget to check out The Cove’s stunning 18th green sunset views.
  • Stop by The Antigua and The Hatteras, two of the newest Schell models. The Hatteras twin home is an exclusive product to Bayside. The Antigua model is custom series floor plan offered by Echelon Custom Homes, a division of Schell Brothers. The view from The Antigua is breathtaking, overlooking the 10th green and the skyline of Ocean City, Maryland. You can even take in the view from an outdoor shower on the third floor master suite. Trust me, this is something to experience! Along with these masterpieces, 2017 brings our new homeowner referral program. Ask the team at the Welcome Center on how your referral can win $1,000!
  • On top of everything, we are always proud of our staff, as we continue our 70-year dedication to “Creating Places That Enrich Lives”. Thank you to our team for their efforts as we perfect our Bayside app, increase our membership, and dedicate ourselves to 100% customer service.

On a personal note, I have been in the development industry for over 30 years and have never met or worked for an owner more dedicated to building communities, enhancing lives, giving back, and ultimately never giving up. Michelle Freeman is an inspiration to us all and the Carl M. Freeman Companies team are the lucky recipients to bring her visions to life. Thank you Michelle and the Bayside community for an incredible 2016, and we’ll see everyone at the anticipated concert series from the Freeman Stage!

Let’s make our dreams come true! Live The Best Live Bayside


Chris Garland
Senior Vice President of Development and Construction
[email protected]