What Makes a Master-Planned Community so Extraordinary?

Choices. Convenience. Friendships. Activities. Food. Health. Golf. Is this a formula for joy?

At Bayside, we think so.

The joy of living in a master-planned community like Bayside isn’t just about the beautiful homes and the thousands of square feet of top-ranked amenities. It’s about lifestyle. The people. It’s about creating everyday opportunities to connect; stay healthy, move, learn, grow… in short – thrive.

The Bayside Lifestyle

What exactly is the “Bayside lifestyle”? I’ve always characterized it as simple luxury and convenience – the idea of being able to leave your house and pedal to the corner grocery store to pick up fresh shrimp for lunch. Or walk to the Health & Aquatic Club for Pilates and a sauna. Or take a stroll to a highly ranked restaurant and join your neighbors for a wine tasting event. It’s knowing the things you love are all around you and the things you need are within easy reach.

Beyond the amenities and stunning location, the real beauty of Bayside is that there are so many wonderful opportunities to connect. You’re never alone – unless you want to be. I’m especially proud of the year-round Bayside Institute that offers a host of inspiring educational programs and life enrichment opportunities every day!

Not Just a Plan – It’s Vision Brought to Life

Though it might feel magical, none of this happens by magic. Our focus from the very beginning is always maximizing the experience of living in a master-planned community. Bayside has gorgeous houses and condos, restaurants, lakes, pools and golf courses nestled into the development. We understood from the beginning that essential to Bayside’s success is delivering a multigenerational experience for residents – there are opportunities for everyone to find something to do or a place that fits them. Yes, this requires designing for instant gratification, and why not? It works.

We went so far as to select specific commercial tenants, such as Harris Teeter and CVS, that we believed would best serve our residents. (Bayside residents returned the favor by making Harris Teeter at Bayside Marketplace one of the top performing grocery stores in the country!)

It’s all part of our ongoing vison to offer each resident the opportunity to wake up every day with access to amazing things to do in beautiful surroundings.

Master-plan Your Dream Life

Good real estate creates opportunity. We master-planned the space; but you decide how you use it. When you are surrounded by all this beauty, activity and choice, it’s easy to take it all for granted.

This summer I invite you to reintroduce yourself to your beloved Bayside. Consider volunteering for a committee or sharing your expertise through the Bayside Institute. Walk a new route. Make new friends. Ignite new passions.

Start now. Create your own formula for joy at Bayside. – Michelle D. Freeman