146926262Realtor Magazine recently published an online article about how walkable neighborhoods are considered to be more desirable to homeowners. The article was written using studies published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) earlier this year. The findings were both interesting and unexpected, painting an optimistic future for walkable communities like Bayside.

Joe Mollinaro, NAR’s Managing Director of Community and Public Affairs, says “there’s a strong preference for being in a neighborhood where people can walk to shops, restaurants, and parks.” This is great news for communities that are built for convenience and active living.

Bayside is an excellent example of this new type of community. Residents can walk to the Cove, the Point, the golf course, and other amenities. In addition to walkability, active communities are equally as desired by home shoppers. People today are looking for a community that has the feel of a traditional neighborhood, but offers walkability and opportunities to stay active. The National Association of Realtor’s 2011 Consumer Preference Survey even measured that 2/3 of survey-takers stated walkability as an important factor when choosing a new place to live. Extra care is put into the master planning of the community, making everything easily accessible. Best of all, this new idea of the suburbs is gaining more and more momentum, and Bayside is ahead of the curve.

Bayside isn’t just a beautiful beach community, it provides residents ways to interact and be social. There’s golf, tennis, swimming pools, walking and biking trails, and access to the bay– all available for guests to join or use. Many residents have even gone beyond the amenities and formed their own social groups that get together to walk, play tennis, or play golf.

Communities like ours are already becoming the popular choice for families or retirees. Our location near Fenwick Island sets us even further apart as one of the best beach communities on the Delaware coast. The mix of new homes, abundant amenities, and a great community environment is only the cherry on top!

For an updated calendar of events and ways to stay active in Bayside, visit https://livebayside.com/bayside-calendar-of-events.php.

Source: Realtor Magazine