Aristotle said, “The only way to avoid criticism is do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing”. Believe me, we don’t want to avoid criticism and please pardon our dust as we continue to move forward and Bayside marches on.

We have made tremendous strides as our folks continue to “do” rather than “do nothing”. We are oh so close to introducing new product and builders as we open up our new development parcels Coastal Crossing and Sea Grass Bend. To compliment these offerings we are working with some of the area’s best custom builders to introduce a program where you can design your own dreams. On the commercial side, our retail parcels along Rte. 54 are in design and we just might deliver a 3 letter drug store. Our crowning achievement this summer….how about that new pool, congrats to our construction team and our colleagues at Troon…we got it by July 4th, couldn’t have happened without this complete team effort.

We move on….right after this season look for roadwork in our town center. Beginning the week of August 19th, we will be closing the playground to set the stage for delivering our new homes through a sales and information center.  Why is this important, the faster we deliver homes, the quicker we can build our new indoor pool and health club! But don’t worry, in our true sense of “doing”, we’re happy to announce the opening of the new Park and Playground, located adjacent to the Commons Neighborhood Pool. The sales and information center is step one on the Fall project list, look for more information to come your way, including when the work begins on the street alignment to move us forward to our ultimate goal of the town center. As a swimmer, nothing I’d like to do more than develop this great facility.  By the way….a hint from an avid golfer and an avid swimmer, they go together.  The more I swim the better my drive, works for me anyway.

Lots happening and stay tuned to meet our new builders…special event coming soon. Thanks for Living Bayside and I promise we’ll do what we can to help you Live Better.

carpe diem

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