Summer is officially here! From laying out at The Commons pool to sitting on a nice adirondack chair at the point, there are multiple spots at Bayside where you can relax and get lost in a great book. The team at Bayside’s Welcome Center has a list of their favorite summer reads that they would love to share with you! Stop by our Little Free Library at the Welcome Center, The Commons, and our newest location, Heron’s Ridge!



Emily Harris – Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer is Emily’s favorite summer read. Bethany Hamilton is such an inspiration and she shows the audience that anyone is capable of doing something they put their mind to. Bethany thought her life was falling apart after she got her arm bitten off by a shark and wasn’t able to continue her passion of surfing but she proved everyone wrong and followed her dreams. The movie that was released in 2011 was amazing so she decided to check out the book and it was just as great.







Kellie Pitts – The Mermaid in the Bay

Kellie chose this book to read to her daughter. Her daughter loved it and she highly recommends it to anyone who is looking for a great bedtime story to read to her kids at the beach!







Maria Tonson – Rich People Problems


Maria was looking for a funny read for this summer. Picking up this novel and reading a review on the back that stated, “This delightfully wicked family saga will have you laughing over your summer daiquiri’s,” she knew she had to try it. She recommends this novel to anyone who is interested in a funny yet serious novel.Se







Erika Cook – Sense and Sensibility

Erika’s favorite summer read is a Jane Austen classic. Erika said this book was a page turner and she was very interested in what decisions the characters in the novel were going to make next. The book is a classic!









Jeff Evans – Land of Fun

Jeff has three kids and enjoys taking them to the boardwalk. While reading this book, he was reminded of all the great memories he has had taking the kids on rides at Fun Land. He recommends this book to anyone who wants to learn more on the history of the boardwalk rides and enjoys reading a story that will highlight on great memories in Rehoboth.








Jennifer Greenawalt – Birds by the Shore

Jen has always had a love for birds but holding bird classes here at Bayside Institute, her interest in birds has grown. She recommends this book to anyone who enjoys reading about nature life at the shore and learning about how birds deal with their surroundings during storms. She said it truly was a joy to read!