With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get excited about hitting the links at Bayside on our Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course! Spring is the perfect time to start warming up for the summer golf season. Preparing and working out now will keep your game sharp and ready for the new season. Here are some tips that will help you maintain or even improve your golf game this spring!

Conditioning: If you haven’t played in a few months, the first thing you’ll notice when you step off the course is how little energy you have. That’s why it’s so important to stay fit now and to take things slowly while working out. Colder weather can make your muscles tighter, which in turn makes them easier to pull. Take the time to stretch before you begin any workout to avoid a setback!

Training: Now is the perfect time to improve strength, stability and stamina in order to be able to stay strong through your round. Every extra bit of training you put in now will improve your game come summer. Try activities such as yoga, walking or jogging to help develop your stability, flexibility and overall strength for the upcoming season.

Swing, Swing: One area of your game that can be hard to work during the colder spring months is your swing. If you live close to an indoor driving range, you can keep your short game and swing sharp. If you don’t, try practicing your swing using a weighted club in your garage (watch out for your cars!). Even something as simple as working on your grip in the privacy of your home can go a long way toward improving your game!

Maintaining a good training regimen and keeping your game sharp will help out when it comes time to play regularly during the spring and summer. Book a tee time today and check out all our gold events at our Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf course!

Source: Golf Smith