Many people know the value of having a friend. It’s someone that you can laugh with, you can have fun with or maybe share something that you might not share with anyone else. Making and maintaining friendships is important to your life and health according to recent research. Since July is Social Wellness Month, we wanted to highlight some ways that you can be social and active within the Bayside community. There are many things you can do to make some amazing friends!

The best place to meet people and get involved within the community is at the Bayside Institute. The Bayside Institute is a year-around program that helps you enrich your life. It offers you the chance to learn new skills, find a new hobby or just socialize with an activity at the center of it. Classes are kept small so you can develop a rapport with the teach and those around you. Check out the class schedule to see what’s available to you!

Bayside has many different sports and activities that you can participate in and meet people. We have two different swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, an activity room and a Jack Nicklaus Signature 18-hole golf course where you can meet with people and improve your social wellness as well as your physical well being. Why not invite your neighbor out and take up a sport together?

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit slower paced but you still want to stay active, there’s still plenty to do. Bayside offers numerous nature trails and parks where you can organize community activities. Take a walk out to The Point and take in the majestic views of Ocean City with a friend.

One thing that brings many people together is a good meal. That makes The Cove Bar & Grille the perfect place to socialize. The restaurant serves three meals a day and has a daily happy hour, making it the perfect location to sit down for a beverage or grab a leisurely meal overlooking the water.

Humans are social creatures. Research shows that people who are strongly socially connected have better motor skills, a lower risk of cancer and a longer life expectancy. Take advantage of one of Bayside’s many amenities and extend your social circle!