What an important question to ask, who do you have lined up to help you stay healthy? Your support system, your physicians, trainers, and coaches? When identifying who is on your team, you will also see who needs to be on your team, and ultimately you can make sure you are well-equipped to continue your wellness journey. This FREE workshop is brought to you by Rita Williams of Beebe Healthcare!

About the Workshop – 

“Did you know that YOU are the most important member of your health and wellbeing team? It all begins with and centers around you – your goals, values, priorities and your self-care. And, it is not one-size-fits all. During this session, we will discuss an overview of the things you can do for yourself, focusing on various dimensions of self-care such as movement, exercise and rest, healthy eating, the mind-body connection (i.e. stress management) and relationships and communication. When thinking about your health and well-being, it is essential to think about who else is on your team to help you live well. So, it is a combination of factors – self-care, practitioners and people – that support us in living well. Together we will reflect on who’s on your team and set an action plan to help take you from where you are currently to where you want to be with your health and wellness goals.” 

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About the Instructor, Meet Rita Williams – 

Rita Williams is a Health Coach for Beebe Integrative Health and Wellness. In her role as Health Coach, she partners with individuals to foster positive behaviors and help them reach their health and well-being goals. She leads the planning and implementation of Beebe’s Integrative Health and Wellness programs for the community and various groups. She takes an active role in helping work towards Beebe’s vision… to make Sussex County one of the healthiest counties in the nation.

Rita holds a master’s in Health Education from Columbia University, is a certified health education specialist (CHES) and is among the first group to become National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in the country. Throughout her career, Rita has completed various trainings including a certificate program in Integrative Health and Lifestyle program from the Arizona Center for Medicine. She is always growing and learning, personally and professionally!

Rita lives in Lewes with her husband and their 2 sons, who serve as a daily reminder to be present and live life to the fullest.