My career at Bayside began three years ago, not at my desk, or even in an office, but out on the links. Never before has I hit a golf ball, or even swung a club. Needless to say, to me, golf was intimidating. The truth of the matter is, it shouldn’t be! The whole objective of golf is to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. Pretty simple!

Bob Crowther, Bayside’s PGA Director of Golf, truly enjoys presenting the rules of golf, scheduling course tours for Bayside Institute, and sharing tips and tricks about the game. Through all of his golf programming with Bayside Institute, I have drastically improved my understanding of the game, even if my skills haven’t kept up. With over 30 years of golf experience, and the gift of breaking down such a complex game, Bob can make anyone feel confident in their ability to pick up a golf club and head off to the first tee box. He is always happy to offer tips and tricks to make a beginner’s experience more enjoyable, like using a tee throughout the entire course until you reach the putting green (no, you cannot post these scores!), or suggestions to play with greater finesse for the experienced golfer.

In his recent Rules of Golf lecture at the end of March, Bob explained many important components of golf including movable vs. immovable objects, what to do when your ball lands on the cart path, and a few notes on etiquette. In case you missed it, we recorded the notes and you can review them here.