Bethany, Fenwick, Rehoboth and several other popular beaches up and down Delaware’s coast have been undergoing replenishment projects conducted by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).  Beach replenishment and renourishment projects are nothing new to Delaware, they are conducted as needed over the decades as natural erosion steadily shrinks the beach yardage.  Heavy storm and hurricane activity in the last few years have sped up the erosion and prompted these replenishment projects.

Sand for the projects is gathered from a gravel-free zone near Fenwick, then distributed onto the beaches through pumps and bulldozers. This technique can add up to 300 feet of beach expansion toward the water. In Bethany Beach alone, roughly 450,000 cubic yards of sand has been pumped or shipped in for the project.

The projects, which are expected to be completed by the end of January, offer vacationers and Delaware homeowners considerable more beach space than they had last year.

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