Searching for a new home in a beach community should be anything but stressful. You’ll instantly fall in love with Bayside, making finding a new home in our community easy.  In fact, the hardest obstacle you’ll likely face is choosing a home you love the most.  Here’s why:

The homes themselves: In Bayside, we have multiple builders bringing their most beautiful designs to our community.  If your dream is to live in a classic coastal-style home, you’ll definitely find one here!

You can make it your own: Buying a home that’s never been previously lived in allows homebuyers to really make it their own.  Between the home interior and the family memories made, your new home will become unique to you and your family.

Love to golf? The Bayside golf course is easily one of the best reasons to move into Bayside.  Whether you’ve been golfing your whole life or are new to the game, having access to the first Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course in Delaware is something truly special.

Being so close to the beach: There’s nothing better than living this close to the beach.  Fenwick Island is one of the nicest beaches on the Delaware coast and is known for its great surf, clean sand, and ideal location.  Living in Bayside means living only four miles to the ocean and hitting the beach any time you’d like.

For the new experiences: In our community, you can boost your social life and create a great network of friends in no time at all. You can also participate in as little or as much as you want, creating an experience that’s perfectly tailored to you and your interests.

It’s good for your health: Have a stressful job?  Escaping to Bayside is the perfect weekend getaway. Retired? Everyday can feel like a vacation.  There’s no doubt living this close to the beach will have a positive impact on your health.  With so many fun things to do, and the endless amenities in our community, residents can’t help but stay active!

To spend time with your family:  Spending time in Bayside is also a great way to create memories with those closest to you.  Whether you’re golfing, swimming, playing in the sand or enjoying any of our other amenities, Bayside is a wonderful place to spend quality time with your family.