1. Farmers Markets are as Fresh as it Gets: the produce found in Farmers Markets are usually picked only a few hours prior to coming to market—which means that you are feeding your family the freshest food around!

2. Cut Out the Middle Man: buying your produce directly from local farmers eliminates the middle man and the associated costs that go along with it (like pricey shipping, temperature-controlled storage, etc.)—giving you more value for your money!

3. The Produce is Almost Always Organic:  the majority of vendors you’ll find at farmers markets utilize organic growing methods, which means your food is pesticide-free and deliciously fresh!

4. Buying Local is Better for the Environment: buying local produce dramatically reduces the amount of packaging waste and energy required to transport your produce from the farmer’s field to your kitchen.

5. Find Exciting New Recipes: in addition to trying new types of product and organic foods, farmers markets are a great place to find new and exciting recipes, ideal for the season!

5. Buying Local Supports the Local Economy: after taking the aforementioned middle man out of the equation, your local farmers are paid more for their hard work, which helps keep the small farms of Sussex County alive and well!

6. It’s Right Down the Street From Bayside: Bayside homeowners are particularly fortunate because we have the Fenwick Island Farmers Market right down the street! The Fenwick Island Farmers Market is open on Mondays and Fridays, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm this summer, starting June 16th.

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