Beach Living

For Bayside residents, there’s little doubt that there are friends and family members looking forward to visiting our Bethany Beach/Fenwick Island community this summer. The spring season is the perfect time to make sure your home is in tip-top shape before Memorial Day hits and for summertime visitors are lining up at your door to spend time on the nearby beaches.

Keep the following tips in mind to ensure that your home is in ideal condition to host family and friends in the upcoming summer months:

  • Spruce up the guest room(s): The first place to start when preparing for guests is, of course, the guest room (or rooms)! At a minimum, make sure to change sheets and add extra pillows to the beds. If you have lamps on nightstands next to the bed, make sure the light bulbs are working, in case your guests want to do some late night reading. If you want to take it a step further, consider placing a collection of travel-size toiletries in the guest room or guest bath for your visitors. This gives off a hotel-type feel, and you can add a personal touch by decorating a fun container for the toiletries.
  • Air it out: The beautiful spring weather offers the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air into your Bayside home after a long winter. Open your windows to let fresh air circulate your home, and consider placing indoor house plants next to your windows to filter the air coming into the house.
  • Check the storage spaces: Double check the guest room closets, hallway closest and underneath the guest beds to make sure you didn’t stash away holiday decorations or other superfluous items and forgot about them. Clear out anything you can so that your guests have adequate room for their luggage and belongings. Luckily for Bayside residents, our homes offer an abundance of storage space, so finding extra room shouldn’t be a problem! While you’re checking the closets, also make sure that there are enough hangers for your guests to use.
  • Make Wi-Fi a breeze: In this digital age, there’s a very good chance that your guests will be asking for your Wi-Fi password so that they can connect to your Internet. Have the name of your network and password written down on Post-it for your guests and put it in their rooms so they can connect to the Internet without having to ask!
  • Prep your outdoor space: Summer in Fenwick Island is all about spending time at the beach during the day and relaxing outside once the sun goes down. To prep your patio or other outdoor space for guests, give your patio furniture a good scrubbing, clean your grill if you have one, and add some decorative features – such as strings of lights – to get the space ready for eating, drinking and spending quality time with friends and family.
  • Refresh your beach supply: You and your guests are going to want to be spending all day at the beach so make sure that you’re prepared with all of the necessities! This includes re-stocking your towels, sunscreen, magazines, and if kids will be visiting, beach toys as well. If you want to be extra-prepared, fill individual beach bags with these essentials and make them available near the door, so that guests can grab them on the go when they’re heading out to the beach.
  • Stock up on snacks: No one likes to be hungry on the beach! Stock up now on easy, on-the-go snacks for your days at the beach. Check beforehand with your summer guests and ask about allergies and snack preferences.

Above all else, the best way to be prepared for summer guests is to remember to have fun! Your guests will undoubtedly love your incredible home at Bayside, and there’s so much to enjoy about Fenwick Island and Bethany Beach. The beach is a place to relax, and your home here is the perfect place for you to make summer memories with your friends and family!