The beach. Nothing is quite as delightful as the warm summer sun warming your skin as you stretch your toes into the sand. Unfortunately, summer isn’t here quite yet!

Chances are your spouse, child, grandchild, pet dog or perhaps yourself, is aching for playtime in the sand. Those sunny days are rolling in, but the sunshine is deceiving—it’s still spring.

Living at Bayside always presents the perfect excuse for enjoying fun in the sun, even when it’s not yet 80 degrees. Arm yourself with these tips for enjoying the beach when summer hasn’t exactly arrived.


Though it may only be 70 degrees outside—or at least at Fenwick Island—the sun is still present and it’s still shining down on you and your family. No sense suffering sunburn when it’s only spring. More importantly, sunscreen protects you and your loved ones from those vicious UV rays.


Whether you have a daring spouse or a bold little kid in your family, chances are someone will attempt to take a dip in the ocean—even if the water is less than lukewarm! Make sure you’re ready to bundle up the chilly swimmers in your family.

Cover-ups & Throw Blankets

When there’s no guarantee that the 90 degree weather will keep you warm and toasty, it’s best to play it safe and head to Bethany Beach armed and ready for those chilly spring ocean winds. Cover-ups are important for shielding the sun during the summer, but equally important in protecting you from any leftover wintry-winds on the water in Delaware.

Extra Clothing

In case you are bringing along little ones to the beach—or vice versa!—make sure you’re prepared for anything by packing an extra supply of sweatshirts, shirts, shorts, etc.

Hand Wipes

This may seem like an obvious choice, but for many it isn’t! Chances are the water isn’t 100% temperature-ready for little swimmers, which means any sandy palms, sticky hands, or muddy feet may not make it into the ocean to wash off. Bring along hand wipes just in case you find yourself in a sticky situation!


Pending the weather, it’s best to venture to Bethany Beach ready to entertain yourself. While many of us are perfectly at peace relaxing in a chair, staring out over the depths of the ocean at Fenwick Island, others can get a little restless. Best to bring along a book, e-reader, football or other family-favorite pastime activity.

Family-Friendly Tote

Most important of all, don’t forget to bring a tote bag or other carrier large enough for all the items listed above. You may want an extra small carrying cooler or tote to use for snacks, lunch and bottled water.

Now, to the beach you go!