Please see below information that was shared to us for those looking to support first responders and medical professionals.

You’ve probably all been seeing reports on the news of caravans/parades of parents and students organized to thank teachers for their continuing commitment to on-line learning and from the teachers to say hi to their students and encourage them to do their best to continue learning while at home. A Bayside resident suggesting a caravan past the Roxana Fire Department, thanking them for their continuing service to our community.  The Roxana officials were contacted about this, but they replied that they have restructured their volunteer assignments so that there are never any opportunities for groups large enough to warrant a parade.  A suggestion for Bayside homeowners to send a donation, or to increase an existing donation, to support the work they do to make our community a safer, healthier place to live.  To do so, go to their website – – to find their mailing address or a link to their donation page.

The following is from Beebe Healthcare:

There is a #CRUSHCORONA initiative underway that is a grass roots effort to provide hot meals to Beebe Team Members by providing gift certificates in $25 increments as an expression of heartfelt appreciation and support.

The #CRUSHCORONA goal is 2,900 gift cards

As of today, 2,400 gift cards have been donated.

More gift cards are needed…and our Bayside community can help!

The hospital and healthcare staff are working tirelessly to keep us safe and to save lives while putting their lives on the line. What a simple and special way to thank them!

I would like to challenge our community and friends to join us and others that have already donated in showing support for our Beebe Healthcare Heroes by donating to the #CRUSHCORONA campaign online.

Simply visit Beebe’s website,,

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the yellow box DONATE FUNDS.
  • Designate your gift for #CRUSHCORONA. Since we are encouraged to ‘stay home’, Beebe Medical Foundation will purchase the gift cards and distribute them to employees.
  • Please add a note in the LEAVE A COMMENT box, something like “From your good neighbors at Bayside” so they know we are supporting their efforts.

You can follow the #CRUSHCORONA progress on the Beebe Medical Foundation Facebook page.

Bayside HOA

The HOA Bayside Social Committee has started a GoFundMe page for our Community Food Pantry, which operates out of the Salem Methodist Church in downtown Selbyville.    We have been supporting the Pantry for many years.  Due to the current Pandemic situation, their demands are increasing and supplies are running low.   They currently are helping over 110 families locally.

If you would like to donate please go to following link:

Bayside has no involvement in these fundraising options but its great to see the community coming together!