A quick item before we get into the update: The road to the Point, east of the Magnolia tree, will be closed for a few hours on Friday morning 11/13 for road work. The road will reopen at lunchtime. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We are well into November, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there is always much to be grateful for at Bayside. We have welcomed new neighbors into The Shoals at Sun Ridge and on Magnolia Crossing. Our settled homes number continues to surge and we will hit the 800 families mark later this month. “HUUUUGE”, some might say!

Town Center

The Town Center construction is moving ahead full steam and we apologize that the area has been a little difficult to navigate at times. As part of that project, some deep sewer lines had to be relocated. This caused some intermittent road closures and detours around the main entrance. I am relieved to say the worst is over, thank goodness! The line is moved, the holes are filled, and we will be repaving the affected areas in the next week or so and all roads in that area will be open for Thanksgiving weekend.

The Welcome Center and Post Office continue to make great progress. We love the way the new tower complements the architectural detail of the smaller towers on the bridge. It’s a great feature to see when entering the Community. We expect both buildings to be substantially complete by the end of the year and we will be moving into both in January. Your Holiday cards will be delivered to the current mail box, but the new Post Office will be ready for Valentines Day cards!

Dog Park

We have been “chewing on” the dog park for a long time around here. After extensive conversation about potential locations, we are happy to announce we have landed on our location. The dog Park will be located on Mastiff Way. This is the left turn off Sand Cove Road that services the Golf Maintenance area. Specifically, The Park will be located on the left hand side of Mastiff way just past the Cemetery. We have received approval from Sussex County and land preparation has begun. Construction will begin in early 2016 and we anticipate a spring completion date. The gated area will contain an area for small dogs and large dogs, benches, water stations and play areas for the dogs. More details to come!

Photo Contest

We hope you have had an opportunity to check out our photo contest. It’s simple to participate and all the details can be found on the Bayside Fenwick Island Facebook page or under the blog/news heading at LIVEBAYSIDE.com We would love to see your photos and have you vote on your favorites. Fun, easy and great prizes, so check it out.

The amount of construction in the Community is incredible! It is nearly impossible to drive through the Community and not pass a home under construction, a new amenity being built, or a common area being landscaped. This is great news for Bayside and we anticipate the momentum continuing next year. We appreciate your support, patience and feedback as we continue to make Bayside a beach community like no other.


Until next time,

The Development Team