A big thank you to the participants and everyone who made this year’s Member-Member Golf Tournament a big success!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Ladies’ Gross Division
1st – Sandy Scitti and Debra Quattlebaum
2nd – Diana Wiggs and Colleen Cawley
3rd – Diane Martino and Jan Neel

Ladies’ Net Division
1st – Jeanne Zito and Susan Bradford
2nd – Carmela Whalen and Charlotte Bryan
3rd – Lorri Swan and Linda Kall

Men’s Gross Division
1st – Doug Stock and Andrew MacLean
2nd – Bryan Shepherd and John Fletcher (not pictured)
3rd – Joe Sabelhaus and Mark Zentz
4th – Robert Fallon and Dave Johnston
5th – Joe Angle and Dennis Conway

Men’s Net Division
1st – Art Jakovics and Tom Cole
2nd – Jim Haire and John Penhallegon
3rd – Paul Adkins and Kurt Zanelotti (not pictured)
4th – Shawn Lynes and Ed Coletti
5th – Mark Huston and Greg Resutek