Anyone can make art. Yes, it is true, and I will say it again. Anyone can make art. Every time Bayside Institute holds an art class, the instructor and I always hear grumblings of “I’m not creative”, “this doesn’t look right”, or “I can’t do it”, and every time, the instructor reminds them of the only rule… “those words are not allowed in the class”. I personally love art classes for this exact reason. We begin the class with a lack of confidence or a feeling of intimidation towards the project in front of us, and by the end, everyone is pleased and surprised at their own ability!

As Claudia, our painting instructor says, when broken down step-by-step, anyone can do it! It’s just like cooking a new recipe, building a house, or running a mile. The task of creating a beach scene, having never worked with acrylic paint or modeling paste may seem daunting, but Claudia from Art-C walked us through the process step-by-step. By the end of the class, with a little grumbling, some serious concentration, and of course some friendly chatter and laughter, each member had successfully painted a beach scene with a message in the sand! Take a look at the masterpieces from Bayside Institute: