Have you ever visited the James Farms Preserve? Just a few miles from the community lies this 150-acre property, managed by the nonprofit organization, the Delaware Center for Inland Bays. This serene park has three miles of trails, three observation decks, wildflower gardens, and breathtaking waterfront views.

From Center for Inland Bays website, James Farm is  a “sandy beach at low tide, you can walk the trails through seven distinctive habitats; from the salty flats of the low marsh with its salt marsh cordgrass and glasswort, through the shrubby high marsh with bayberry, marsh alder, and salt marsh hay, into the shade of the loblolly pines, holly and red cedar of the maritime forest, into the deep shade of the hardwood forest under a canopy of southern red oak, hickory, sweetgum, and sassafras, finally to emerge back into the sunshine in the meadows that were once farm fields.

The park was a gift to Sussex County from the late Mary Lighthipe, a descendant of the James family who had farmed the land for generations. She gave it in memory of her son, Harold, who died in an automobile accident. She gave it with the condition that the property be used for environmental education and recreational activities.”

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