Like we’ve said before, the economy could not be in a better position to buy a new home.  But what about your second home? Or a home in a beach community? The answer: Absolutely yes! It is the perfect time to buy any new home, especially one in the Bayside community.

Why, you ask? Mortgage rates are historically low and home values are increasing by the day – wait any longer and you might miss this great opportunity.  As the national housing market makes a comeback, beach and coastal real estate’s progress is unprecedented. Coastal towns, like Fenwick Island, are making huge gains towards a healthier economy and remain as the best places to live or spend a vacation.

It’s not hard to see why.  Bayside residents get to play golf on Delaware’s first Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course everyday throughout the year.  Our community has a wealth of amenities and is only a short ride from the beach. And we couldn’t forget about the thriving social scene!  Beach living doesn’t get any better than this!

Coastal towns are already considered valuable real estate; buying a house during any time is a great investment.  But now, with the course that the market is taking, a newly bought home will increase in value even more over the next five years.  Experts predict home appreciation to rise as high as 23.7 percent by 2017.

Not to mention, the Sussex County housing market is perfect for prospective homebuyers. Our county has some of the best tax advantages (LINK TO LOW TAXES ARTICLE) in the entire country. This makes buying a second home in our beach community that much sweeter.

Can’t you imagine yourself now? Lounging on the beach after playing 18-holes on the most beautiful golf course in Delaware?  And just think of the fun you’ll have socializing with your neighbors later that evening. If this sounds like the perfect day to you, don’t hesitate! Buy a second home while the market is hot.  With mortgage rates and home prices on the rise, there’s no telling how long this opportunity will last.


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