It’s human nature for an individual to want to become a better person. Whether you want to be a better cook, lose some weight or learn a new skill, pretty much everyone wants to find a way to improve himself or herself. Since September has been dubbed national self-improvement month, we wanted to highlight some of the events and activities that you can participate in at the Bayside Institute that will help you become a better you!

The Bayside Institute offers many different ways to enrich your life, whether you need a little bit of “me” time or if you want to come together with your friends and family. The program runs year-round, helping to enrich the lives of Bayside residents.

The Institute offers a great variety of classes that will pique your interests. There are artistic classes such as learning how to create a watercolor journal and learning hot to take the perfect photograph. For more athletic people, you will find American dance classes that will help you perfect your footwork to sunrise yoga that will get your day started right.

If you’re more interested in learning a skill or gaining new knowledge, there are many programs to meet your tastes. Some examples of classes you will find include how to maximize your social security income, recipes for cooking tasty treats for your football tailgate and experts telling you the benefits of getting enough sleep. Finally, there are events hosted by local chefs and artisans who offer samplings of the delicious food and drinks that they make.

There are many different activities at the Bayside Institute that are perfect for helping you improve your life. From cooking classes to athletic activities, there are many opportunities to gain a new skill at this innovative program. All you need to do is put in a little work and find a way to improve your life this month at the Bayside Institute!