Bethany Beach

There are many reasons our homeowners fall in love with our award-winning community here at Bayside. They can take advantage of our outstanding amenities by playing a round of golf, discovering the scenic trails, or paddle boarding down at the Point—no matter what your passion is you can always find your fun at Bayside!

In addition to the myriad of amenities and waterfront wonders found at Bayside, there are a number of exciting destinations just a short drive away. Bethany Beach for example is only minutes away—yet another reason to move to Bayside!

Bethany Beach has a number of exciting developments underway this fall including the growing popularity of the town’s new parking meter smartphone application and projected completion of the Bethany Beach Streetscape Project. With its convenient proximity, Bayside homeowners have been known to take advantage of Bethany’s beaches, shopping, entertainment, dining and much more—so these improvements are quite exciting for them!

Tired of digging for change every time you park at the beach? Earlier this summer Bethany Beach, along with Rehoboth and a few others Delaware towns implemented a new smartphone application called Parkmobile. This app takes the hassle out of parking—it provides a new, easier way to pay for parking by scanning a sticker or typing in a code for the parking area.

There’s no need to get anxious over parking meters running out either, as the application lets users opt into 15 minute warnings to notify them when their parking meter is about to expire! You can also check your Parkmobile account online to track your parking expenses, change account settings, or export and print information for expense reimbursements.

Bethany Beach and Bayside homeowners alike are already taking advantage of the newfound convenience of this application, and they love it! For more information on the Parkmobile app, visit their website.

Bethany Beach Streetscape Project

The Bethany Beach Streetscape Project was created to improve the streetscape of downtown Bethany Beach, calm traffic and increase pedestrian safety. The project was started by the Delaware Department of Transportation, and will be completed by A-Del Construction Company. Upon completion, the improved downtown streetscape will include: wider sidewalks, more pedestrian crossings, upgraded curb ramps, better bike lane signage, improved lighting and new parking options.

A-Del recently announced that they plan to resume construction on October 27th, with intentions of having the project completed by the end of 2014. A-Del plans to close the horseshoe area of downtown for construction, but no other areas along Garfield Parkway will be closed during construction, as the scope of this final leg of construction is a great deal smaller than previous phases.

The majority of construction will be completed during the daytime Monday-Friday, but some weekend work may be added depending on the number of weather-related delays as the winter months approach.

With the construction in the downtown area and improvements around town, Bethany Beach will be all geared up to welcome beach-goers next summer! At Bayside, there’s always something to look forward to—whether it’s a community-wide event, a day at the pool, dinner at the Cove, or simply enjoying time with family and friends at the Point, there’s always something to look forward to at Bayside!

To enjoy the new and improved summer fun found in the Bethany Beach area, and year-round fun of coastal living exclusively at Bayside, start your search for a new home at Bayside today!