As much as everyone loves watching football during the season, what we really look forward to is the main event, and it is only days away! Super Bowl 50 is set to air on February 7th at 6:30pm, and we are going to share our guide to hosting the ultimate Super Bowl party in your Bayside home!

Easy food: Luckily for you, The Cove’s Super Bowl Take-Out is back again this year! Get some delicious Super Bowl party food to go from The Cove Bar & Grille at Bayside. This special menu was created with game-time food in mind, so check out the details below:



Themed drinks: Create cool colored drinks for the kids and some crafty cocktails for the adults. Incorporate the team colors and come up with some unique names for the drinks. Your guests are sure to get a kick out of thoughtfully planned beverages!

Games: Think of a few games for people to play during down time and while waiting for the game to start. Some people aren’t the biggest football fans, so it is nice to provide other things for them to do, and don’t forget about the kids! For the avid football fans and Super Bowl commercial watchers, there are plenty of games that incorporate everything football. Get some ideas on our Pinterest page!

Get crafty: From subtle details to in your face banners, nothing screams Super Bowl like brightly colored decorations! Some of our favorite ideas are football themed plates, bowls, and even food! Check out our Pinterest board Football Party Favorites for even more ideas on how to bring the game into your home!

Don’t forget: It is easy to forget something when you are planning a party or hosting an event. Check out the list below to make sure you have everything you need!

·      Plenty of ice
·      Bottle openers
·      Disposable utensils/plates/cups/napkins
·      Any extra seating you may need