From our friends at Harris Teeter:

Harris Teeter is designating Monday and Thursday mornings from 6am – 7am as senior shopping hours for shoppers aged 60 and over.

This will go into effect Monday, March 23 and will continue until further notice.

To further enhance our commitment to protecting our senior shoppers, Harris Teeter will designate ExpressLane Online Shopping *pick-up times from 9am – 2pm for seniors only every Thursday until further notice AND will waive the **$4.95 fee & offer $5 delivery for seniors during these times.

This will allow our senior shoppers to take advantage of their 5% Senior Club discount, and it will provide a genuine opportunity for our senior shoppers to purchase what they need while practicing the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines.

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*Senior ExpressLane pickup and delivery times can be reserved beginning Monday, March 23 at 10am.

**Promotional codes can be found at on Monday, March 23 at 10am. Current ExpressLane customers will receive the codes via email.