Golfing at Bayside

Attention Golfers:

GHIN Digital Profiles = Golfers Must Have a Password
You may have noticed the red banner on announcing the “Digital Profile” coming in January 2021.   The main reasoning behind this decision is to add a more appropriate level of internet security to your members’ accounts.

The golfer’s login will be email address or GHIN Number and they will have a password that the golfer creates on their own.  This will not only better secure golfer data, but will also enable more self-service for the golfer as they will be able to initiate a reset password email and update some of their profile information once logged in (e.g. email address, mailing address, phone number).  Additional protections are also being added for juniors under age 13 due to federal internet safety laws.

The Tools & Resources tab within Admin Portal contains more detailed information on the profile process, what to do with Junior accounts age 13 and under, and more specifics on eliminating duplicate emails.   We have also added the FAQs to our homepage,

Important Note:  We realize many golfers will not care about this until it gets closer to our active season (April 1), so we will repeat this notification and email process again in Mid-March for those who have not taken any action to create a password.

Launch Timeline & Key Dates

  • Monday January, 11th
    • Digital Profile required to access
    • GHIN Mobile App updated with new authentication method; however, will not impact logged in users or users that do not update App
    • “Change Golfer” is live; Minors cannot access Kiosk without a guardian email assigned
  • Tuesday January, 19th
    • Forced App update; users not logged in via digital profile will be logged out upon updating their App

Profile Management available within GHIN Mobile App &