We sat down and chatted with Leatie, Events Manager at Bayside Resort Golf Club, about her background in event planning and process in working with clients!

Q: What is most important to you regarding planning an event?

A: I want the guest that I am working with to know that I have a genuine concern for how their special day turns out and that I will be there to assist them every step of the way!

Q: What is your background in event planning?

A: I’ve had my hands in events for just over six years now with everything from weddings to non-profit galas and even corporate events prior to my Bayside journey. Here at Bayside I’ve been able to experience large and small scale golf events, celebration of life gatherings, reunions, showers, birthdays and so much more.

Q: What is your process in working with a guest?

A: Every guest that I get the honor of working with I treat as if it were my own personal event.. I expect the same process for them, that I would expect for myself.  I ensure that they have every possible way of contacting me and want them to know we can meet as often as they want, or what my minimum needs are to provide the best possible service.

Q: What makes Bayside a special event space?

A: Bayside is no doubt one of the most unique venues on the Eastern Shore! We pride ourselves on the views and options we can provide for our guests. There are so many possibilities to what we can do here with the amenities and venue spaces both inside and out. We invite the out of the box ideas and want every event layout, menu and atmosphere to feel as if it was created specifically for that event!

Q: What is your plan of action when making a bride’s vision come to life?

A: My brides are quite special to me, as are their families!! It is, and always has been, such an honor to work with someone for such a major life event. Not one wedding over the six years that I’ve done events has ever been the same, so my process really gets created each time with whatever they need. Again, I stress to them that we can talk quarterly, monthly or weekly to make sure that they are on track and comfortable with selections they have made or need to make.

Q: Do you have a preferred vendor list?

A: Absolutely! When I first got in to events I thought that the more people that knew my name, the better, and the more vendors I could share the better… I soon learned that this list was golden and could be a reflection of my own work. Over the years, I picked my top choices for almost every need in event development and execution. At Bayside I often need vendors for my own hosted events, and understand that this is just as important of a relationship as it is for the guest.

Q: Do you love what you do?

A: Who wouldn’t love this? My life is party’s! I get to meet amazing people, plan some of their most sacred life events, and make new life friends and family. Often these events have the most amazing food that I get to sample, music that I love to hear and décor that I get to design! How could I not love what I do?

To plan your next event at Bayside, contact Leatie at 302.436.3400 ext. 3408 or [email protected]