Bayside is, as you know, set in the gorgeous beach and bay front setting of Fenwick Island, located in the southeast of Delaware. This makes it remarkably close to a wide variety of natural wonders and fun activities for the family. Most notably, Fenwick Island is home to Fenwick Island State Park, a massive state parks with many great features for the whole family.

Set between Bethany Beach to the north and Ocean City to the south, Fenwick Island State Park is just four miles away from Bayside and has a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. The most prominent feature of the park are it’s white sand beaches. You can rent an umbrella and a chair and lounge at the beach or go for a swim in the ocean. After your day at the beach, there are brand-new changing rooms with showers where you can rinse off.

If you’re looking for something more active to do in the ocean, Fenwick Island is also one of the few beaches in Delaware that features a designated surfing area. Lifeguards are on duty at the beach every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day between the hours of 10am and 6pm.

There’s a lot more to do at the beach than just lounge and swim. The park is home to many different features that you can enjoy. The most prominent one is the campgrounds. You can rent out a cabin or set up your tent and enjoy the breath-taking landscapes and beautiful bay waters. Each campground offers modern facilities, picnic tables and fire pits to help keep you warm at night. You can stay for the weekend or stay for the week!

Fenwick Island State Park also features many programs and physical activities to participate in while on the island. Sports that they have include disc golf, horseshoes, tennis and horseback riding. If you want to explore more of the 344 acres of the park, there are plenty of hiking and climbing trails that will help you see the park and the wildlife that migrates in and out when the season change.

Fenwick Island State Park offers plenty of fun and something for the whole family to enjoy. Best of all, it’s only 4 miles from Bayside. We offer shuttle service to Fenwick Island State Island from 10am – 6pm in season. It makes 3 stops in the community, including stops at Bayside on the hour.