Delaware is well known for their clean and healthy beaches.  But, if it weren’t for the incredible planning and efforts made by the Army Corps of Engineers a year ago, we might not have a Fenwick Island at all.  As many of you remember, last year’s Hurricane Sandy blew through the East Coast, leaving behind a trail of complete destruction, devastating many beach towns up and down the shoreline.

While many coastal vacation spots suffered the loss of their piers, boardwalks and businesses, Fenwick Island seemed to have been somewhat spared by the super storm.  Fenwick Island wasn’t completely exempt from damage, having major dunes washed away and strips of beach dwindling to almost nothing, but we were in much better shape than many of the surrounding towns.

This is thanks to a beach replenishment effort that took place only a few months before Sandy hit Delaware.  The beach was being repaired from typical wear and tear after years of harsh weather, but the timing couldn’t have been more ideal.  However this year, the beaches will be restored from the damages brought on by Sandy, and to prepare for future storms.

While many people haven’t noticed a huge change in the beaches this summer, it is crucial to continue to re-build the beach and restore the shoreline incase another storm like Sandy hits.  The project, funded by the Flood Control and Coastal energy Program, will bring sand back to the beaches and completely repair the damages made by the storm.

This focus on the beaches and the shoreline showcase Delaware’s dedication to their beaches – another reason that makes this state an ideal place to visit or live.  Not only will the beaches be healthy and plentiful, but they will also protect Fenwick Island and the people that live here.  Residents can rest assured that their beaches and their town will stay safe if another natural disaster strikes, and that they’ll be able to enjoy their beaches for years to come.


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