To: Captain Garland

Anchors Aweigh, My Dad
Anchors Aweigh
Farewell to foreign shores
We sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay

Through our last night ashore,
Drink to the foam
Until we meet once more
Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home

Dad, so we end up here.  Me…trying to develop a community and make generations of families realize their dreams.  You……fighting an insidious disease that has finally gained control of your ship.  Well, I say screw the disease, let’s live once more this weekend.  It’s Father’s Day 2014, and the US Open is in town, DAMN THE TORPEDOS, FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!  Let’s get some energy by remembering.

1968 Annapolis  
YOU teaching at The Academy, ME listening to The Naval Academy Drum and Bugle corps (Think that’s where I knew I would be a drummer)

1973 Hawaii      
YOU coming home from 9 months at Sea,  ME challenging you to an epic Ping Pong Tournament….final score Dad 87 Games, Chris 87 Games.  I think we have one more game to play, winner take all.

1975 California 
YOU organizing and leading the ship’s Toga Party and serving “Artillery Punch”, ME wondering what all that commotion was downstairs, and waking up sailors all over our front yard the next morning…along with their girl… friends ??

1976 Fairfax Virginia 
YOU taking me golfing after baseball practice, ME saying this game isn’t for athletes, and then proceeding to fall in love with a game that is now my life long addiction.

1984 Charlottesville
YOU retiring from The United States Navy, ME graduating from UVA.  I am still hung-over from that party

1993 Pinehurst 
YOU and ME, Your first Member- Guest Golf Tourney, WE both get Aces, ON THE SAME HOLE!!!! That just doesn’t happen…but it did that day.  Simply miraculous

1999 Pinehurst 
YOU watching greenside with ME….Payne Stewart drains a 15 footer.  Best US Open ever.  Why?  I got to spend it with you

2014 Pinehurst  
YOU fighting…..ME Your Chief Petty Officer.  I simply won’t leave your side.  We have a few more games to play and one more US Open to watch.  Let’s go check it out.  These guys are good….BUT, not quite as good as we were in 1993 on that famous hole….nobody could beat us then, not Jack, not Arnie, not Tiger or Phil.  We were the best.

So while you prepare for your final voyage I will continue on, carrying your lessons, your passion, your leadership and your love with me.  That’s an eternal and generational thing…BTW, your granddaughter Meg has your smarts, and your other granddaughter Anna has your passion.  Captain My Captain, your legacy will live forever and they better get ready up there.  As they used to say on your ships……”Captain on Board, Aye Aye Sir!!”

Anchors Aweigh my friend


And to all our Bayside homeowners….Here is what Dad wants to do.  Head over to the driving range with a cold beer, relax at The Cove over a great meal, stroll down to The Point and go for a kayak ride.  But mostly, Dad just wants to hang out with his family and create memories, these will last forever.


Carpe’ Diem
Chris Garland
Senior Vice President of Development
The Carl M. Freeman Companies