The New Year is the perfect time to start something new. A fresh start and a little inspiration will help you discover a whole new you! There’s no better place to start your journey while also getting some precious “me” time than the Bayside Institute at Bayside.

The Bayside Institute is our innovative, year-round program that helps improve and enrich the lives of our members by offering classes in a variety of interests and disciplines. Here are some examples of classes that you can take over the next few months:

Become A Better “You” – The Bayside Institute has an excellent variety of classes geared toward helping participants learn more about themselves. Some of the unique classes that are coming up for members include “A Positive Approach” (January 28th), which will teach you how to gain a more positive outlook on life, and “Hand & Nail Care” (January 21st), an informative class where experts from Zen Spa teach you the proper way to take care of your hands and nails.

Stretch Your Artistic Muscles –
If you’re an aspiring artist or are just looking for a new activity, the Bayside Institute has a few great classes coming up. Writers can take our “Writing Memoir for Beginners” class (January 30th) and learn how to begin telling the story of their life. You can also take our “Watercolor Journaling” class (February 13th) and learn how you can blend drawing, painting and writing in a way that will delight and inspire.

Learn From Experts – It’s a big world out there, and there’s always something new to learn about. The Bayside Institute offers a range of classes taught by experts to help you grow and learn about topics you might have been curious about. Upcoming classes include “Exploring Medicare”(January 23rd) where you can more about Medicare from a licensed insurance agent and “Shop The Perimeter” (January 9th), where a nutritionist guides you through a grocery store in order to learn how to shop healthier.

Through March 2016, all Bayside Institute classes are open to the public. Non-members can sign up for classes within one week of each class, space permitting. You can learn more about the classes offered at the Bayside Institute from our home page and sign up if space is available!