Over the past two decades, 2011 has been said to be one of the worst years in the U.S. for health-related closings and warnings at beaches due to the amount of sewage and storm water runoff contamination.  The state of Delaware, on the other hand, had the lowest rate of contamination in the country of just 1% for last year.  The latest news report from USA Today Travel included the nation’s current cleanest and dirtiest beaches.

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), analyzed government data from more than 3,000 testing locations in the U.S. and released their annual assessment.  The NRDC found that the water quality of U.S. beaches remained stable with just 8 % of the water samples violating public health standards within the last year.  For the first time, the NRDC mapped over 6,000 beaches nationwide this year and provided closing, monitoring and advisory information to more than half of them.  The map includes the American beaches which earned the group’s  five-star rating for diligently abiding by practices such as testing water samples more than once a week, violating health standards less than 5% of the time, and for posting advisories both online and at the beach.  Delaware was one of just 7 states listed who’s beaches fit this criteria.  When searching for beach homes for sale, buyers now know that Delaware beaches are some of the cleanest best maintained in the country.