For decades, families have been enjoying the amazing atmosphere and sense of community that Fenwick Island has to offer.  Now that the Delaware beach replenishment projects have been completed, those looking at Fenwick Island beach homes for sale are once again flocking to the area.  “Delaware is number one in the country for our beaches,” said Delaware Governor, Jack Markell, “That’s the headline that should be plastered all over the country.”

The governor was joined by U.S. Senators, Chris Coons and Tom Carper, for a news conference in Rehoboth Beach.  Proudly touting environmental awards, they were able to announce the end of the beach replenishment projects, which were orchestrated by the Army Corps of Engineers and were responsible for widening Delaware’s walkable beaches.  The top ratings that Delaware beaches continuously receive have been attributed in most part to the public works projects conducted throughout the state to maintain a standard of excellence.

It is important for the state’s economy to keep its beaches up to par.  Delaware lobbied the federal government for $27 million in beach-nourishment funds in order to keep protecting the beaches…an economic engine of the state.  Two professors from the University of Delaware recently put out a report which showed estimates that beach resorts total $6.9 billion in value and that they support around 59,000 jobs.

With the Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts complete with the replenishment projects, Delaware’s beaches are back to their pristine condition with robust sand dunes to protect communities from hurricanes.  Senator Coons said that he is, “…committed to making certain that for generations to come, [the] beach remains not just broad and wide, not just safe, but clean,” and, “Not just a good beach, but a great beach.”