Live Bayside in Winter
Live Bayside in WinterThe Bethany Beach area might be an incredible place to spend summer, but it’s also a ton of fun in the winter!  Here, we’ve debunked a few myths people believe about our beach town during the winter.
Myth #1: Hit the beach in the winter? Forget it!
We had to tackle this myth right away because it is simply not true! Sometimes the best beach days are spent having a picnic and being warmed by the sun on a fall day.  Even if it’s a little chilly outside, bring a blanket and a good book or snack and lounge in the sun.  Sure, it might be too cool to swim, but it’s a great day to catch some rays!
Myth #2: The beach isn’t as pretty after August.
Are you kidding?  Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island State Park, and other surrounding beaches near Bayside look beautiful anytime of the year.  Best of all, the colder months are the perfect time hunt for seashells. The tides bring some of the most unique and memorable shells to the beach.  You can walk along the water, enjoy the scenery, and collect your favorite seashells.
Myth #3:  It’s hard to relax at the beach in the winter.
In the summer, everyday on the beach is like visiting the spa.  In the winter, many beach-goers go to an actual spa to relax instead!  With some of the nicest spas in Delaware, like Zen Spa, right around the corner, Bayside can be the get-away you’ve been waiting for.
Myth #4: The shopping scene isn’t as good.
Shopping at the Tanger Outlets and other boutiques around the Bethany Beach area in the winter might be better than visiting them in the summer!  The crowds are gone, and the summer clothes are on sale.  Best of all, there’s no sales tax in Delaware year-round!
Myth #5: Dining out is only fun in the summer.
We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again.  There are so many great restaurants near our Bayside community.  With Harpoon Hanna’s, Warren’s Station, and many more right here in town, you can enjoy beach cuisine any time of the year.
Myth #6: There’s nothing to do in town.
Trust us, at Bayside, there is always something fun to do.  Along with every myth we’ve cracked on this list, living here is fun year-round! With new homes and a long list of amenities, Bayside is the perfect vacation, retreat, or place to enjoy retirement – no matter the season.