Our fourth Container Gardening class is in the books! Over 15 members joined us to create a beautiful potted plant arrangement. This is always one of my favorite classes because Mr. Gene and Dan Miller love flowers and they truly enjoy sharing this love with the members of Bayside.

In the weeks leading up tot he class, we talk logistics, details, and headcount. Mr. Gene and Dan drive all the way to Laurel to select all of the plants for our class, along with plenty of fun extras including hanging baskets, tomato plants, and fun giveaways. Mr. Gene and Dan presented an outline of their trade secrets along with some guided instruction in the planting class. If you have ever spoken to either one of them about plants, it is easy to see just how much they love flowers, herbs, annuals, and perennials. Even better than their love of plants and flowers is their encouraging spirit. Dan and Mr. Gene are happy for anyone to try their hand at gardening in a container, window box, plot, or elsewhere.

When I started with this class 4 years ago, I had a black thumb, killing almost any plant I was charged with. Through their encouragement, tips and learning from 4 classes, I can say I almost have a green thumb. They taught me to not be afraid of plants, to stop and admire the flowers, and most importantly to water them frequently and deeply.