Dear Homeowners,

Finishing touches are underway for the new traffic pattern at the main entrance in the Towncenter. New striping and signage is going in and we expect the road to be open by the end of the day TODAY. Flaggers are assisting the striping crews and intermittent traffic stops will continue through the day. This would be a good day to use an alternate route in and out of the Community.

The new traffic pattern is a permanent change. There will be one shared road for incoming and outgoing traffic. The current road for incoming traffic will be eliminated. The new road is narrow. Yes, we know. The plan has been approved according to Sussex County specifications and the State Fire Marshall. We hope everyone will sloooooww down on their way in and out of Bayside. Also of note, the stop sign on Signature Blvd. approaching the Sales and Information Center from the Community will be relocated to line up with the new intersection. After the road is open, one trip in or out of the Community and all these words will make sense, we promise.

Easy does it everyone and have a great weekend!

The Development Team

[email protected]