Happy Memorial Day weekend! It’s like the first leg of the summer Triple Crown. There is something going on for everyone this weekend at Bayside, so skip the traffic and Just Be!

The road realignment at the main entrance is nearing completion. In the coming weeks it will be paved and striped for the permanent traffic pattern. The road will accommodate two-way traffic which will be an adjustment for us all. Please, easy does it.

The deepest phase of the land development work in The Shoals and Magnolia Crossing is finishing up. We expect vertical construction to begin in June and houses will be coming out of the ground for the rest of the summer and into the fall in these neighborhoods.

In addition to our expanded sandy area and palm trees at The Point, we also have a sunken treasure. There is a small boat that is stuck in the sand and mud near the dock and is visible at low tide. It probably sunk elsewhere and washed this way with the tide. We are figuring out the best course of action and will have it removed as soon as we can.

As of today, there are 766 settled homes in Bayside! We hope this weekend at Bayside is full of great experiences, new memories, and new friends. Thank you to all of our service men and women who make our freedom possible. Wishing them a safe and Happy Memorial Day as well. THANK YOU!


The Development Team

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