This is how we affectionately referred to the eyesore house on the corner of Sand Cove Rd. and Route 54. The bulldozers were there the day after settlement and eliminating the house has cleaned up the corner nicely. So much so, I have sailed past the left turn onto Sand Cove Rd., twice! No plans for the parcel at this time other than the demo and cleanup. We eliminated another house on Sand Cove Road that was part of The Shoals at Sun Ridge. Again, an eyesore that won’t be missed.

McDonald’s is open for business! The Development Team was invited to attend an Open House last week and tour the building. State of the art, comfortable, progressive and friendly were my impressions. I am not a meat eater, but can vouch for their caramel sundaes! Go ahead, give it a try.

Repair work has begun on the New Castle condo buildings on Winterberry Parkway. Damaged underlayment and flooring on screened porches is being evaluated and replaced. This is a big project with coordination between the Condo Association, Property management Company and the Builder; we expect it to continue into the summer.

Taking guesses for the purpose of the new black gadget installed on Sand Cove Rd near the turn off to Mastiff way. Water fountain, golf club cleaning station, telescope? Actually, it is a bike repair station including tools and a universal pump. You hang your bike on it, and it contains commonly used screwdrivers and wrenches. Sunday looks like a great day for a ride. Stop by for a tune up.

May 1st and Bayside is jamming with activity. Flowers are blooming, the grass is lush and the landscaping is starting to pop. As you drive around the Community to take it in the sights and see what is new, please stay alert. Construction sites will be widespread and activity will continue to be heavy. Despite the inconvenience of all this construction activity, it is a sign of a flourishing Community.

Until next time,

The Development Team

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