It is officially fall and Halloween is right around the corner! It’s time to get out your cobwebs, carve up some pumpkins and put up some other fall decorations for your home! The coastal community of Bayside allows you to get super creative with your Halloween and fall decorations. We have some great ideas that you can use to make your home ready for the season and will fit right in with our beach community. Give them a try!

Creative Carving

What decoration is most synonymous with Halloween? A pumpkin! You can always carve it into a traditional jack o’ lantern, or you could give your pumpkin a seaside flavor by carving nautical or beach motifs instead.


If you want to go in a more unique direction, why not avoid the pumpkin altogether! Instead, you can also carve a pineapple into a jack o’ lantern! The tough skin makes it easy to carve, you can still put a candle in it and you get to enjoy the sweet “fruits” of your labor after carving!


DIY Pumpkin Decorating

If carving is not your thing, why not just simply decorate the exterior of your pumpkins with coastal ornamentation, such as nets, starfish, shells, etc. Or, use other decorative components, like artificial fall leaves and berries, glitter, or sequins to add some extra interest to your chic DIY pumpkin project.


You could also paint designs on the side of your pumpkin with colors like light blue, navy, or sea foam. Another fun idea would be to paint your pumpkin like a beach ball! Keep in mind; white pumpkins work best for painting.


Crafty Candlelight

Do you use candles at the dinner table or to accessorize around the house? Here’s a great way to create an ambient yet festive vibe for your fall celebrations! Why not create candleholders out of pumpkins! Hollow out the “core” or center of some small pumpkins to create a stunning holder for stick candles. Or, why not take different-sized pumpkins and carve out a section in the top to hold a larger candle for a bold statement.


You could also fill different shells or hollowed out small pumpkins with hot wax and add a wick to make your own candle. Candles add warmth to any room, and with these extra touches of autumn inspiration, your coastal home will be the envy of your friends and family this fall season!


Eye-catching Centerpieces

No table is complete during the holiday season without a stunning centerpiece. For your table this October, combine the seaside with autumn by bringing together elements that represent both – seashells, coral, and starfish, along with pumpkins, pine cones, and seasonal potpourri. You could even include a couple of your DIY seashell or small pumpkin candles!



Try some of these creative and festive decoration ideas and they will surely make for a memorable season this fall. Have a spooktacular Halloween and a fantastic fall at Bayside!