Bayside’s inaugural CANgineering project was a huge success! It was truly a collaborative effort between the Bayside staff, our partners and homeowners that greatly benefited the Food Bank of Delaware. We are very grateful for all of the support and donations! While our project did not bring home the gold, we did manage to donate 1,242 lbs. of food to The Food Bank of Delaware. That’s no typo, over a thousand pounds for the Food Bank! Thank you to all the homeowners who donated food and stopped by The Welcome Center to check on progress.  An extra special acknowledgement of gratitude goes out to Bayside resident, Ronald Camporeale, who was able to secure a donation from Campbell’s Soup of an entire pallet of soup – that’s over 60 cases of soup! Thank you for going above and beyond Mr. Camporeale, you made our Tower possible. A big thank you also goes out to CMFC’s Joe Lucido and his building crew for creating the frame that became the Tower and adding the architectural details. You can check out all the winners and entries on the Food Bank of Delaware Facebook Page. Thank you again for your generosity, we are already thinking about next year!