This week SmartMoney released its latest segment of the popular “Retire Here, Not There” article and chose to dive into Delaware’s beach towns. Obviously Delaware is one of the most retirement friendly states in the nation, and it comes as no shock that the state has seen steady growth of retirees in the last few years.

With retirement friendly tax laws such as exempt pension income, no sales tax and even tax-exempt Social Security benefits, Delaware is very appealing to retirees in the northeast. Delaware’s  central location to several major cities also makes it ideal for many road travelers. In addition, many retirement friendly amenities are being built into the new home communities along the coast. Amenities such as golf courses, tennis facilities, pools, and fitness rooms are frequently sought after by active retirees.

Delaware’s growing retirement population, however, has caused the cost of living of several popular beach towns to really jump. Rehoboth, for all of its attraction, now has a cost of living which is 81% higher than the national average and a median home cost that could rival any large city in the country. But even with Rehoboth’s high prices, all is not lost. There are plenty of nearby alternatives that will provide an excellent home for retirees looking to take advantage of Delaware’s financial benefits and amenities. One of the best alternatives, confirmed by SmartMoney, is the Bethany-Fenwick area.

With all the natural beauty and style of Rehoboth, yet with more affordable cost of living, it’s no surprise that Bethany and Fenwick have come in as one of Delaware’s best alternatives to Rehoboth. SmartMoney lists the clean beaches, eco-friendly lifestyle, dining scene and outdoor trails as a few of the best reasons to consider Bethany and Fenwick.

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To read the full original “Retire Here, Not There: Delaware” article, visit SmartMoney here!

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