Residents and visitors of Sussex County will tell you first hand that it is a great place to own a home, especially here at Bayside. The central location of the county and easy access makes the area in high demand for full-time and part-time residents to buy a home. Not only is Sussex County the fastest growing county in Delaware, but it also has the most growth of vacation home sales in the state.

One of the appealing aspects to living in Sussex County is the close proximity to many major cities on the East Coast. Just 100 miles from Baltimore, 105 miles from Washington D.C., 120 miles from Philadelphia and even only 200 miles from New York City, Sussex County is a great central location. Stemming from these surrounding areas, an estimated 80% of the homebuyers in Sussex County in 2015 will be from out of state, according to the Delaware State Housing Authority.

Sussex County is most known for its beautiful beaches, bays, and waterways. There is no surprise, then, that summertime is the busiest time of the year here. The county is home to Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach just to name a few. These beach towns make for endless entertainment and activities to choose from.

Many don’t realize, but not only does the landscape include beaches, it also includes a large span of agricultural land. These two combined make for some of the best fresh seafood and locally grown produce. Local eats in the area pride themselves on accessibility and quality of fresh ingredients, which is why Sussex County is home to award-winning restaurants and markets.

The residents of Sussex County already know all of the best aspects of living in such a great area. It is a great time to come see for yourself why we love the laid back coastal lifestyle at Bayside.

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