Whether you’re buying a single family home from Schell Brothers or NVHomes in Bayside, you’ll have the perfect blank canvas for decorating the perfect beach home! When creating your ideal coastal home, there are some essentials to keep in mind. Read on for inspiration for beach home must-haves!:

Blue décor: Nothing screams “beach home” quite like the color blue, especially when paired with white! There is something quintessentially nautical about this color combination – just take a look at the living space in our Cypress Point model townhome from NVHomes to see for yourself.


Cozy guest room: There’s no doubt that Bayside residents have a lot of visitors to their beach home – and with so much to do, it’s understandable why friends and family would want to visit our Fenwick Island community! It’s important to make sure the guests to your Bayside home are comfortable, so be sure to pay special attention to making the guest room(s) comfortable, as well as nautical! This guest room in our Cypress Point model townhome from NVHomes is the perfect example of creating a perfect space for guests to comfortably enjoy their time in your Bayside home.

Beachy materials: Whether it’s furniture or decorative accents, there are certain materials that just make you think of a beach home. These include wicker, nautical rope, driftwood and bamboo. Incorporating these materials into your Bayside home will help to make it the quintessential coastal abode!


Beach-inspired art: No beach home is complete without some coastal art pieces! There are endless possibilities, and you’re sure to find nautical art that fits your décor and your taste. We love this sand dollar art piece found in the Ocean Breeze model home at Bayside!


Fun and nautical kids’ rooms: Kids’ rooms in beach homes offer an exciting opportunity to get creative with your coastal decorating! Take this kids’ room in the Ocean Breeze model home, for example – the pirate theme creates a fun atmosphere that any kid is sure to love, while also staying consistent with the nautical theme.

Plenty of beach reads: Whether you have an entire room dedicated to your library or a simple reading nook, plenty of beach reads are an essential part to any coastal home! For an extra special touch, consider placing some books and magazines in your guest rooms, so visitors can help themselves if they want to reach on the beach or at night to relax.


Beachy accents: There are almost an endless amount of options when it comes to coastal-themed accents for your beach home. Décor accents that feature shells, boats, crabs, fish, coral, seahorses, sandals – the possibilities are endless! – are perfect for any beach home! Consider the decorations below, from our Ocean Breeze model by NVHomes, which add a perfect touch of coastal flair without being overwhelming. Fun throw pillows are also an easy and inexpensive way to add a nautical touch to any room!

Indoor and outdoor rugs: Rugs are an important part of any beach home – not only to add a decorative touch, but also to catch an excess sand from a long day at the beach. There are plenty of options for stylish and durable rugs to add the perfect touch to any beach home.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any beach home, however, is its location – if you don’t love your coastal town, a beach home filled with all the essentials won’t mean much. Luckily for Bayside residents, it’s easy to fall in love with Fenwick Island! Our quaint coastal town is known for being one of Delaware’s “quiet resorts,” and there’s no place Bayside residents would rather be!