Yeah Spring! We are shaking off the long, cold winter and getting Bayside tuned up for another great season! There are multiple Construction and Land Development projects going on around the Community that we want to keep you apprised of to ensure a safe and smooth experience for all. In addition to the regular homebuilding activities we have several projects going on that will last for the rest of this year and into next year and beyond. It is definitely going to get messy around here and our intention is to keep you informed, to provide an area on the website where updates can be accessed, and to give an email address where you can ask questions or provide feedback for The Development Team. We want to make sure that all of our residents, guests, golfers, customers and visitor have a safe experience.  Here’s a quick rundown of the projects:

  1. The Water Tower being constructed behind Hole 9 is coming to life. The Construction of the tank will be done by early May and then painting will commence. It will include two large Bayside logos similar to the tower on Route 54.
  2. The Shoals at Sun Ridge is the site of 93 homes on Sand Cove Road. The lots are being laid out, the pond is dug and sewer and other utilities will be installed this spring. A ton of landscaping will go in as soon as weather permits.
  3. The lots in Magnolia Crossing lots are also underway and beginning to take form. After the curbs and road are put in, site work will continue down Sand Cove Road towards the Point. Please use caution when traveling in this area and look for our sign campaign soon.
  4. The big dirt pile on the left, almost to the Point is just a staging area for dirt. We are not building anything there.
  5. The Point will be freshened up with new sand and Palm Trees next month and the Floating docks will be reinstalled. Thanks for all the new lighting, Rich!
  6. And finally, the Town Center. Most of our future updates will revolve around this area. While tearing up our front door during prime season is not ideal, we are excited to get underway. Phase 1 will begin next week with the preparation of the building pad where the new Welcome Center and Post office will be. Curb and street realignment are necessary and intermittent road closures and new traffic patterns can be expected. When this project is in full swing, entering the Community on Sand Cove or Sound Church may be more convenient.

This is the first of biweekly updates you will receive from the Development Team. In addition, you can easily access this information on The Bayside Website, but not until next week. Just hit the Blog/news tab at the top of the page and select the Construction update tab under categories. It will be easy, I promise. This should be your go to place for Construction updates. You can contact us at [email protected]
Thank you for your patience as we move through these exciting projects. Truly, the excitement is building!