5 classes, 25 wines, and over 50 members! Bayside Institute’s first series, the International Wine Series, has come to a close. Bayside’s Senior Food & Beverage Director, Shawn Damiano, and I set up for the final class on Thursday, March 8th and couldn’t help but feel¬†disappointed that it was already the fifth class. In 5 classes, we poured 25 wines while members learned about the various regions, explored new varietals – sometimes ones completely unheard of until that evening, found new wines to share with friends and family, and my favorite – met their neighbors and shared these experiences together. Members enjoyed wines from Germany and Austria, France, Italy, South America, and Australia and New Zealand! It certainly made the slowest part of our winter pass quickly, with the feeling that we were still buzzing through a shoulder season.

With such success of our first series, I am anxiously awaiting the beginning of our next series, Positive Psychology with Dr. Craney. Dr. Craney believes wholeheartedly in the power of positivity and is excited to share the different elements that can be impacted with positive thinking to improve well-being and mental health. Check out this upcoming series here!