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Bayside Institute: Stretching with Chase

Filmed via zoom on February 19th at the Health & Aquatic Club. Sign up for this week’s class by clicking here.

1. Neck rolls – start small to large, moving your head side to side, looking downward slightly.
2. Shoulder rolls – backward and forward
3. Arm pullovers across your body – one arm across your body and the other hand pulling the elbow
4. Elbow pull down – hold your arm straight up, bend your arm behind your head, use your other arm to pull your elbow downwards
5. Upright rows (unweighted) – Lean forward slightly, hold your arms out (palms out) like you’re doing a push up but a little bit wider. Keep your elbows out while pushing in and out, moving your hands as if you were doing a push up
6. Torso Twists – Keeping your arms out in the same position as above, rotate side to side. Try to touch your forearm to the chair as you turn. Do this slowly for the first set, and faster for the second set.
7. Beginner Ab Crunch – While seated, lean forward slightly. Hold on to the chair – use your abs to bring your knees up towards your chest. Focus on using your abs. feet should only be getting 6-10 inches off the ground.
8. Beginner Reverse Ab Crunch – Repeat #7 but lean backward in the chair
9. Lunges (levels 1-3)-
Level 1: Standing behind your chair. Hold the chair. Move one leg back about a normal step you would take, pause and hold your leg extended, alternate legs
Level 2: Still behind the chair, step backward a little farther than normal. Drop your back leg about 3/4th of the way down and slightly bend your front leg
Level 3: This time, step back farther and go all the way down with your knee. Try to keep your knee off the ground, remember to keep pressure leaning forward on the chair
10. Quad Pulls – standing behind the chair, lift one ankle up and try to grab it, if necessary you can take a step back from the chair to have a better angle.
11. Seated Squats – standing in front of the chair, stand up fully and sit back down in the chair. Place your arms across your chest or on your head. Keep your torso up straight.
12. Seated toe touches – still seated, point your toes up and lift up your leg slightly as if you are kicking something, and reach down to touch your toe. Alternating legs.
13. Leg Abductions – standing behind the chair, holding it, lift your legs out straight to the side .Try to lift them as high as you can going out as perfectly side ways as you can.
14. Standing Warrior – arms extended outward, spread your legs as if you are doing a lunge. bend one knee slightly to the side and rock back and forth
15. Cross over Toe Touch – spread your legs out wide, arms extended sideways. Reach your right hand to your left foot, but keep your left hand up towards the air. Alternate back and forth.

Come see Chase at the Health & Aquatic Club, he also has a Bootcamp Class on Thursday at 5:30pm and a Cycle class at 8:30 am on Friday.