We are a proud sport of the 40th Annual Art’s Festival in downtown Bethany Beach. It will be held September 8, 2018 from 10 am – 5 pm. This year’s event includes over 100 fine artists featuring paintings, wood work, metal, clay, baskets, jewelry, porcelain, and more! Below is all the information provided by the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce, the host of the event. Look for our booth on Saturday!
The annual event also serves as a fundraiser for the arts programs at four local elementary schools. The silent auction is comprised of pieces donated by participating artists, and is hosted on the Bethany Beach Bandstand from 10 am – 2 pm.

Meet the Artist
Support art education by capping off the 40th Annual Bethany Beach Boardwalk Festival Weekend at the Meet the Artist Brunch on Sunday, September 9th at Good Earth Market. Learn more about John Donato and his last ten years working as a local artist. All guests will enjoy a special brunch menu created by Good Earth Market’s Chef, Nino Mancari and a cash bar. All proceeds benefit art programs in local schools. Info & Tickets here.

Parking is available in down town Bethany Beach. The Town of Bethany Beach will run the normal trolley schedule. Due to the popularity of the show, St. Ann’s Catholic Church has graciously offered their lots to our visitors only a 10 minute walk to town.

We are looking for volunteers throughout the day to assist with parking, artists check-in, information booths, silent auction, and clean up. View the list of volunteer positions and times here.  Contact [email protected] with questions.Thank you!

In the event that inclement weather is forecasted that poses a threat to public safety, the festival has a rain date scheduled of Sunday, September 9, 2018. All announcements regarding show date will be made on this web site.

2018 Bethany Beach Boardwalk Artists – Booth # & Artist Name


4   Michelle Abbitt 10  Lisa Kovatch 15 Nicole Diem 24  Tom Longacre
108  Russell Turnage 219  Kevin Rodrigue 224  Royce Yoder 226  Mary Yeagley Bower
229  Susan Gladstone 232  Chris Matias 309  Paul Aspell 315  John Cooley
103  Laura Hickman 109  Alison Shriver                119  Daniel Duffy
101  Merrianne Nichols 106  Pamela Bartl 122  Audrey Hauserman
204  Robert Stadnycki 213  Timothy Bailey 216  Jill Hawes
227  Jan Barco 305  Christine Burger 320  JacJo Designs
6  Christina Rogahn 113 Lorelei Meanor 124  Donald Nichols 200  Joanne Woodward-Tew
205  Cornelia Dabson 211  Celeste Kelly 215  Kevan Breitinger
304  Amy Conroy
2  Kimberley Jade Berkich 14  Jennifer Kerper 17  Violet McCabe 18  David Scheirer
19  Joy Hannan 20  Richelle Walk 21  Joan Danoff 22  Jessica Keemer
26  Courtney Gillen 29  Leslie Halaby-Moore 113  Heather Maertens 118  Diana Eldreth
212  Kazuko Fuller 217  Dennis Ray 222  Barbara Bayne 302  Carlos Zepeda
311  Serge Hung 314  Susan Whitehouse-Evenson 318  Dolores Fawkes
23  Yandong Wang 30 Julie Zeelander 210  Sandra Webberking 220  Leslie Master 319 Colleen Dougherty Bronstein
3  Constance Guerra 7  Victoria Lowe 18 David Scheirer 25  Susan Clarke
102  Damon Pla 114  Claire Howard  120  Nina Mickelsen  125  John Donato
202 Amanda Sokolski  207  Stephen Brehm 223  Richard Toft 225  Jan Crooker
228  Fritz Grubb 233  Yvonne Torelli   228  Annie Gudis 308  David Lawrence 
312  Susan MacIntire 313  Steve Rowlands 235  Lisa Edmonds
5  Tom O’Connor 13  Ron Michaels 104  Jennifer Carter 107  Yuriy Zahvoysky
110  Elisabeth Bard 116  Kevin Fleming  121  Brian Truckenbrodt 123  Thomas Synder
206 Michael Orhelein
317  Marlyse Heaps
234  Linda McAdams 301  Avner Ofer 307  Darlene Freas
9  Jennifer Wood-Child 12  Laurell James 27  Tom Yates 111  Bernie Houston
115  Erika Rubel  117  Mary Costa  201  Peter Emanuel 203  Susan Wolf
214  Robert Weston
231  Bob Bohannon
218  Gary Crowl
306  Tom Mannon
221  Gregory Pencheff 
310  Carey Gilbert
230  Michael Handrinos
316  Gary Stewart 
The Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing business throughout our area and promoting The Quiet Resorts as a year-round tourism destination.