Thanks to Our Bayside Moms

Thanks to the Mom who is working at Bayside on Her Day.  Your help with our labor of love called Bayside, especially today, does not go unnoticed. Tell Peter and the boys to have a good round of golf,  but to cook you the Best Dinner ever when you come home.

Thanks to the Mom with 2 Boys, one who hits the ball with a big gigantic fade that is insanely long, and one who calls me Uncle Steve. Thanks for your smile, help, and choreography. Bet I can find an “app” to help us dance to the music of Bayside.

Thanks to the Mom who welcomes her son home from New York, provides guidance, and continues to shine with our “nitty-gritty” work that is oh so important. Thanks for your ear, advice, and ever-lasting loyalty to creating places for The Freeman Companies.

Thanks to the Moms who let me play music like an 18 year old in our office each Friday.  Your work, smiles, and attitude help me get through long days.  You guys definitely provide the “Fun” of the Fun Committee.

Thanks to the Mom with the great smile behind the Bar at the Cove.  Your service, energy, and dedication to our members is spellbinding.  Anytime you need help when the Sun Ridge Bar is smokin, let me know, I bet I can find someone who can help. Hope your prom pictures went well!!

Thanks to Kenny’s Mom, without you, our 8 cylinder 4 barrel engine known as “Boob- Marley” couldn’t function. Behind every Boob is a great Mom….Thanks for your understanding and support.

Thanks to the Mom who keeps all of us pointed in the right direction.  I could not help Bayside without you. Bruno would be lost without you. And our team known as Bayside would not be flourishing without you.  Way to Go Mom!!

Thanks to the Mom with the boundless energy that grows a foundation that brings music and arts to us all.  Your shining example of leadership, dedication, energy is an everyday reminder of how we should all act. I’ll do a 4 course paired wine dinner with you any day of the week. You are indeed a “Master Jedi Knight” in a world that can go crazy at times.

A very special thanks to our “Chief Executive Mom”. Where would we be without you? I shudder to think.  Your inspiration, your leadership, your energy, your stamina, and lest we forget, your Caps and Wizards provide “life” to us all.  You, my friend, enhance lives.  All you have to do is look at the smiles on our faces.  They are smiling with you and for you.  We all love you.

I do not know how to begin to express thanks to that Mom that is “MarketBoost Consulting”.  Our daughters will soon be going on to college and start a new phase of life – that is indeed a labor of love in the truest sense.  I wouldn’t be here without you, our Bayside team thanks you for your help, our daughters will flourish because of you, life is simply better with you.

To My Mom, with an uncompromising love to her children that never stops, and whose dedication to one certain Naval Officer known as Dad will never end.  Your support of our Captain can’t let go, and you know what, I can’t either.  Miracles do happen, Captains live forever, and I’ll always Love You.  Thanks for being MY MOM !!!

To all the rest of our Bayside Moms, for all you do, for everything you give, and for wanting the best for us all, US KIDS WANT THE BEST FOR YOU !!!!



Chris Garland, Senior Vice President, Carl M Freeman Companies