Beach Living

One of the many benefits to living at Bayside is our close proximity to the beach – less than 4 miles! And with the summer season now in full swing, it might help to reconsider your beach day essentials:

  1. Sunscreen – Yes, of course this is first on our list! A beautiful beach day can quickly be ruined by uncomfortable sunburn. Opt for a higher SPF and reapply regularly!
  2. Sunglasses – Even with a hat, the sun can be unbearably bright when reflecting off of the sand. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, while relieving your eyes from hours of squinting.
  3. A Good Book – A good, well-written summer read is exactly what you need on the perfect beach day. Sit back, enjoy the warm sand beneath your feet and get lost in a new story.
  4. A Beach Blanket or Towel – Don’t set out for the beach without this staple! A big beach blanket to lay and sit on is a summer must-have.
  5. Beach Chair – If you prefer to sit in a chair instead, look for a lighter beach chair that’s easy to carry and fold. This will make life simple when bringing all of your belongings onto the beach.
  6. Lunch & Snacks – A long day in the sand and sun can be taxing, so make sure to bring packed lunches for you and your family. Quick snacks are also great to munch on throughout the day.
  7. Water & Drinks – And of course, don’t forget to pack a couple of bottled waters and drinks! On a hot summer day, it’s important to stay hydrated, and bringing a small cooler will help to keep these nice and chilled.
  8. Beach Toys – Be sure to bring sand buckets and shovels to keep kids entertained when they’re not swimming. Paddleball, frisbees, boogie boards, and kites are all great choices, too.
  9. Waterproof Bags – If you need to keep your phone or other electronics with you at the beach, consider investing in waterproof cases, or keeping them in waterproof baggies. This will prevent sand and water from ruining expensive items.
  10. Friends & Family – And of course, going to the beach is made more fun when you’re with your family and fellow Bayside neighbors! Our community shuttle conveniently brings residents to and from the beach, so go ahead and enjoy the beautiful weather with good company!

At Bayside, residents can also enjoy a wealth of other amenities. With tennis courts, pools, walking trails, The Point, the Cove Bar & Grill and the opportunity to join the Bayside Golf Club, living at Bayside offers so much to its residents!