Bayside’s Summer Camps

Bayside Summer Camps

Bayside is thrilled to offer a variety of new camps for Summer 2016! Whether your child is a water-lover, dancing machine, or master of the putting green, there is something for everyone. For a complete schedule and online registration, or additional information on any of the camps offered, please click on the links below!

Download and print the 2016 Bayside Summer Camp brochure

Stand Up Paddle Board Camp

Bayside is pleased to announce our partnership with Dawn Ehman and OC SUP & Fitness for our first ever paddle board camp. OC SUP & Fitness will teach your child the fundamentals of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) with excellent instruction from certified instructors. The camp will cover proper stance and form, paddle techniques and water safety. Whether your child is interested in trying a new sport, learning board skills as a foundation to surfing, or just wants to have fun on the water, they will build a strong foundation with OC SUP & Fitness! Team challenges, bay clean ups and FUN games will all be experienced on the water.

Ages 7-9
Session C: July 6-8
Session E: August 1-3

Ages 10-14
Session D: July 6-8
Session F: August 1-3

Junior Golf & Recreation Camp

Two of Bayside’s amazing amenities have teamed up to provide an exciting new camp for 2016! Your child will spend the morning working with the golf professionals at Bayside to improve his/her game. On Tuesday, they will enjoy lunch before being shuttled to the Point for a Nature Explorer Experience in our coastal waters. On Wednesday, the Campers will be shuttled to Sun Ridge for Sports and Swimming in the afternoon.

Ages 8-18
Session A: July 12-13
Session B: July 26-27

Tennis Camps

Tennis Tykes Camp
This camp will offer the novice player a chance to become familiar with tennis. The instructors will teach the junior player how to hold the racket, work with them on making contact and having success and fun. Camp is a non-competitive environment to foster a lifelong love for the game. The instructors will also ensure each student develops a greater understanding of tennis and the important rules of the game.

Ages 4-8
Session A: June 27-29
Session B: July 18-20
Session C: August 8-10

Junior Tennis Camp (Ages 8-18)
Take it up a notch in skill and intensity with the Bayside Junior Tennis Camp! During this camp the instructor will work on stroke production as well as proper footwork and game playing. The student will develop a greater understanding of the modern game of tennis, rules of play, and proper etiquette on the court. The camp will not only be fun, but will also strive to maximize the students desire to work hard and learn.

Ages 8-18
Session A: June 27-29
Session B: July 18-20
Session C: August 8-10